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Connie Goldman, lives and works in Petaluma, CA

"To see far, is one thing... going there is another." (Constantin Brancusi)

Using a minimalist vocabulary and a reductive aesthetic that emphasizes the importance of space, rhythm, structure, and relations, I make works of art that are concrete and essential approximations of my own emotional and intellectual experiences. The work reflects my interests in architecture, music, science, sculpture, and painting as well as the threads of commonality that run between them.

The tendency or desire to gravitate toward unity and stability is in opposition to the urge toward independence, transition, and growth. My work evokes this same tension, the dynamic that underlies my own existence. I see each piece as being analogous to the rhythmic and contradictory forces of stasis and flux that propel my world toward both constancy and change. (Artist Statement)

"We are star-stuff contemplating the stars." (Carl Sagan)

links und rechts/left and right: "Brook V", 20 x 14" x four depths

Connie Goldman maintains a reductivist formal vocabulary, producing clearly described forms in single colors, albeit in eccentric relationship to the angled shapes of the canvases themselves. For all their starkness, Goldman’s paintings, if anything, temper rather than agitate the eye; indeed, they can function as objects of contemplation whose presence infers harmony and balance. This is not the aggressive, obdurate Minimal Art theorized in the 1960s, but the transcendent minimalism explored earlier, at least as far back as Malevich. Goldman does not freight her icons of absence with spiritual import; but in their resonance they can provide something of the perceptual shift we associate with metaphysical insight.
(short review by Peter Frank, part of a larger review of the Skylark Prize exhibition in L.A.)

v.l.n.r./f.l.t.r.: "eddy VI", 12 x 12" x two depths, 104 x 90 cm; "eddy XXII", 16 x 16" x two depths

"eddy XIV", 20 x 20" x two depths

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